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Yuki TeradaJournalist


She is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Tokyo researching contemporary Iranian culture. She moved to England when she was 19 years old as she believed that thinking and studying in different languages can open up new perspectives. In order to understand the world better, she decided to continue her research in Middle Eastern studies. Having lived in various countries such as Japan, England, Iran, and Germany, she values the communication beyond boundaries and regardless of categories such as nationalities and genders. When she was in London, she worked as an intern in BBC World Service Radio and TBS London Bureau and as a translator for NHK, and produced a program in the radio station at the university as well. In Germany, she co-founded the crowdfunding project and co-directed the documentary film, Berlin Transgression, featuring drag queens and transsexual artists based in Berlin. She is also working on the project to animate her personal experiences in Tehran.


Home town Tokyo
Date of Birth Apr 16, 1986
Height 160cm
Interests Photography、Painting (illustrating the beauty in people)
Skills English, Persian, Tsugaru-Shamisen
License Driver’s License.
Qualification EIKEN Grade 1
Education University of London
The School of Oriental and African Studies’
University of Tokyo (Current)
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Hair Dark Brown.
Eyes Dark Brown.

Actual results



Documentary movies “Berlin Transgression” Co-director


A documentary film series that closely follows Berlin’s drag queen and transgender community. It sheds light on their inner struggles and how identities are discovered through performance. The film focuses on the LGBT community and highlights broad social problems.
Official website
Interview article


2015 “Wagiri de Mieru PANORAMA-SEKAISHI” Volumes 1-5 volume
(Coordinator / Writer of Volume 5)
Interview article

Overseas Operations

  BBCWorld Service Radio(internship)
TBS London branch office(internship)
University of London , Radio Station (Program production)


Tetsuya Bessho

Business alliance with Schon HARADA Inc

Kiwako Harada Tomoyo Harada

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