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Junki NarasakaActor


He began theatrical activities as a university student, when he participated in a university production. After graduating from university, he joined the Shiki Theatre Company in 2003, appearing in a wide variety of works, ranging from straight plays to family musicals. He has starred in roles such as The Lion King’s Ed the crazy hyena more than 1000 times. For his final role he played Elphaba’s father in the 2009 musical Wicked, concluding his involvement with the troupe following this. Since leaving he has worked freely on various activities, displaying his abilities as the beautiful tenor in the 2010 production of Phantom (starring Takao Osawa), for instance. In addition to this, he featured in the premiere performance of the Korean musical Parure as one of the original Japanese cast members, participating also in subsequent performances. Aside from this, his broad range of activities includes small theatre appearances and the organization of music events.


Home town Saitama, Japan
Date of Birth Feb.12. 1981
Height 180cm
License Driver’s license
Education Waseda University
Range of voice Bariton HC-C (3 octave)

Actual results


2017.8 Musical “Nicky”
2017.4 Musical “HEART SUTRA”
2017.1 Musical “ONCE ON THIS ISLAND”
2016.12 Musical “SPELLING BEE”
2016.9 Musical “A Star is Born”
2016.8 “Nagareru Kumoyo”
2016.7 Musical “Himeyuri”
2016.5 Musical “Odekakehime”
2016.3 “Olive”
2015.12 –
2015.9 Musical “A Star is Born”
2015.7 Musical “Himeyuri”
2015.2 Biz-tainment Theater “Wayout”
2014.12 Musical “Time Fries”
2014.10 “Chihayaburu Kami no Kuni”
2014.9 Musical “Kamuyrera”
2014.7 Musical “Himeyuri”
2014.5 UPS “Musical MOMO”
2014.3 Musical “Quo Vadis”
2014.1 Musical “Propaganda Cockpit”
2013.10 Musical “Trouble Show”
2013.8 “GEKIDO”
2013.3 TOHO MUSICAL “Fiddler on the Roof”
2012.12 Musical “Lourdes no Kiseki” as Jutoll Dir. Toru Hamanaka
2012.09 Musical “Kamuyrera” Dir. Azusa Fujikura
2012.05 Korean Musical “Parure” as Coo
2012.02 Korean Musical “Parure” as Coo
2010.11-12 Musical “Phantom” as Tenor Dir. Katsuhide Suzuki
2009.07-08 Musical “Wicked” as Elphaba’s father Dir. Keita Asari
2005.06 –
“Lion King” as Ed Dir. Keita Asari
2004.11 –
Musical “Ikoku no Oka” Dir. Keita Asari
2004.07 “King Midas has donkey’s ears” Dir. Keita Asari
2004.05 “Hibari” Dir. Keita Asari
2004.01 “Andromaque” Dir. Keita Asari
2002 11 Musical-za “Himeyuri” Dir. Toru Hamanaka


2013.1 –
J:com “Sesyun ☆ Bukatsu” navigator


2014.11 TOKYO FM Special “Koko Arai & Junki Narasaka Dinner Show”
2014.1 “IFA -Kajiki’s Artist Show-” @ Carnegie Hall NY
2013.11 TOKYO FM Special “Koko Arai & Junki Narasaka Dinner Show”


2012 06 “Style Jam” Workshop by Tatsushi Omori
2011- Voice lessons by Mayumi Hirose
2003-2004 “Shiki Theatre Company Laboratory”
1999- Voice lessons by Kumi Fukuhara


2011 Workshop by Tetsu Taoshita
2002 Workshop by Shuichiro Koike


Tetsuya Bessho

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