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Tetsuya Bessho

Business alliance with Schon HARADA Inc.

Kiwako Harada Tomoyo Harada
Takashi Kobayashi Fumiko Okuno Yumiko Sato Youichi Imamura Chiri Hashimoto
Cyril Coppini Ai Takaoka Yuki Terada Yasuhiko Tanaka Shiro Tokiwa Saori Abe
Management Division
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cultural-event-operation-div / 2015/12/01 Production budget up to 100 million JPY! One of the World’s biggest film pitch competitions!
visual-contents-division / 2015/10/20 Have a story about you and your nearest and dearest turned into a short film
cultural-event-operation-div / 2015/10/13 Cinema Museum – Special Fall Screening Event

Corporate ProfileAbout Pacific Voice Inc.

Pacific Voice Inc. was started as group who aids between international that exchange of moving image prospers more.
We sets a base to Los Angels which is the center of a film industry and Tokyo which are an information base in Asia,and to carry out the help which connects the world as a bearer of visual program's future.

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